Who we are

The founder, Madhavi Patandin, of Patandin Consultancy has a natural affinity towards optimizing processes by using a blend of best practices and (new) upcoming innovative concepts.

The core business focusses on (multidiscipline) project management services in the area of IT, Agriculture ( Vertical Farming/Precision farming) and Energy projects , but is not limited to these industries. Urban mining projects are also within the scope of interest.

Our philosophy is to execute projects based on environmentally conscious and circular economic concepts, optimized efficiency and proven cost effective project management methods. Our approach is to build partnerships, educate and collaborate with businesses supporting similar approaches.

Founder: Madhavi Patandin


The earth’s natural resources are currently not used efficiently, resulting in a lot of wasted and under valued resources. Patandin Consultancy has set its mission to execute projects based on environmentally conscious and circular economic concepts, making sure resources are not wasted.

Circular economy is based on 3 principles:

1) Preserve and enhance natural capital,

2) Optimize resources value by circulating products, components and materials and

3) Foster system effectiveness.

When approaching IT, Agriculture and the Energy supply & demand, from a circular economic perspective, these industries have more in common than one would expect.

Our Services

Project management & project support services by using PRINCE2 (Project in Controlled Environments version 2), Scrum/Agile project management or a combination of these two methods as a basis to execute projects.

When designing the project plan, we include circular economic concepts, making sure resources are not wasted and can be re-used in the future.

Additionally we can assemble project teams based on the client needs.

With a background in subsurface evaluation of the (Upstream) Oil & Gas industry, Vertical Farming and IT Projectmanagement we are able to assist our clients projectbased.Other services include: topic based workshops, in-house training and assistance in business development plans for these industries.

Project management, what is the business value?

Project management can best be visualized by a spider building a web and managing each individual thread carefully, while the connection between each thread is maintained. In other words a project manager will need to keep his/her team aligned, manage time and costs efficiently while addressing risks and issues appropriately. Various project management methods can be tailored to the organizations internal structure and ways of working and these are meant to enable an organization to achieve its missions and goals. When using these methods appropriately organizations will save time and resources when e.g. documented lessons learned are frequently accessed for guidance. There are several websites where more detailed descriptions are available explaining the business value of project management e.g. www.pmi.org and www.axelos.com

Patandin Consultancy keeping the client in the drivers seat